Highgate college

The college is located in Highgate, Birmingham in England. The school offers a wide range of A level and BTEC programs. It also has an adult education programs. The institution is a sixth form college independently governed by its entity and funded by the government of England.

The student supposed to enroll must attain 16 to19 years and has vocational programs as well. The courses offered include:

· Business

· Art, performance, and media

· English

· Health and social care


· Humanities and social sciences

· Languages (foreign)

· Math

· Science and sport

The adult learning

The 6th form schools Birmingham provide adult learning determined to achieve its goals. The courses are offered at your own convenient time and location. The school has a high-quality teaching staff that makes sure you attain your goals.

Reviews show that the staff operates in a friendly and respectful manner. The institution offers vocational courses such as IT, math and English. The school model aimed at improving your skills and help you attain professional qualifications. These skills will help make your work easier and add knowledge in relation life situations.


The college offers recognized qualification with current pass rates of 90%. There is a high number of satisfaction amongst students who return to progress with another course. The core values include excellence, cooperation, equality and proper communication.

There exist activities that help you attain your ambitions. As one of the best leading in A-level courses, it is good to focus on other programs such as sports to help boost talents. Games will help you remain competitive in the field of social gaming.

The application can be made online via the school schools website. All you need is just to download the form and fill it. The site is built in such a way that it complies with the web accessibility guidelines level 2.


6th form schools Birmingham is determined to embrace diversity and inspire the learners to remain competitive. The school provides knowledge, understanding, and skills to equip you with global standards. You are encouraged to be a socially responsible person by respecting the shared values and personal difference.